It often happens that unplanned expenses get in our way at the least expected moment, e.g. on Saturday or Sunday. If your loved ones are not able to provide you with financial support, the only way to finance them will be to get a loan.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to get a bank loan over the weekend. Fortunately, non-bank institutions that provide payday loans also on Saturdays and Sundays come with help.

Non-bank loan at the weekend

Non-bank loan at the weekend

Although loan companies serve customers even on Saturdays and Sundays, this is not always synonymous with the option of receiving a weekend transfer. Why?

Working hours of loan companies on weekends

If you want to take out payday loans on the weekend, the first step should be to check that the company you selected also works on Saturdays and Sundays. Lenders often place messages on their pages informing about working hours and withdrawals on weekends. They can read as follows: We grant loans on business days from 7 to 23, and on weekends from 9 to 17.
There are also companies that use fully automated systems to receive and verify applications. Although their customer service offices do not work on weekends, borrower applications are reviewed on an ongoing basis.

Personal data verification + loan payment

Personal data verification + loan payment

Verification of personal data is a standard procedure, which is part of applying for a quick loan. It serves to ensure the security of both parties to the loan agreement and to eliminate fraud and abuse consisting of taking loans for stolen or phishing personal data.

The most popular way to check your identity is to make a transfer to your loan company’s account. Its amount is symbolic and depending on the company ranges from 0.01 to 1 USD. How quickly you get the money (and whether you will get it over the weekend) largely depends on what bank your and lender’s accounts are in.

Why is this so important?

Each of the loan companies has at least several or even several accounts in various banks. The real record holder is Good Credit, which has over 20 of them. If your account and the lender are in the same bank, the verification transfer will be credited almost immediately. And this means that the system will be able to verify the application, issue a decision and withdraw money in a few moments.

If each of the accounts is in a different bank – the time of verification and then receipt of the transfer will depend on the bank sessions. Thus, you cannot count on receiving payday loans on weekends, as elixir sessions are held from Monday to Friday.

Faster way?

Faster way?

If you want to be sure that your identity verification will be done in a few minutes, use the services of a company that provides an alternative way to verify your identity. Some lenders have provided their clients with special applications that will allow you to verify your personal information without having to transfer a Dollars.

By connecting to your bank account, they provide the lender with the necessary information. You do not have to install additional software on your computer to use them. The whole process takes place through the lender’s website, and you will only need your online banking login details – login and password.

Where is the best loan for the weekend?

When looking for a loan offer on Saturday or Sunday, it is worth considering the Good Credit offer. Why? Good Credit, as one of the few lenders, allows verification of data without a transfer. As a result, your identity will be confirmed instantly, without having to wait for the verification transfer to be credited.

Payments of loans on the Good Credit site are made via instant transfers in a special online payment system. If your bank cooperates with such a system within the given hours, the money will reach you within a few minutes. Even on Saturday or Sunday.

Check before you borrow

It is possible to get a quick online loan at the weekend. To make sure that the funds are in your account in a relatively short time, carefully analyze the conditions in individual companies.

Check business hours on Saturdays and Sundays, verify which banks the lender’s accounts are in and whether the company allows you to confirm your identity using the application. Using the services of a “first-best” lender may result in you having to wait for the loan even until Monday. And this is definitely bad news. Especially for people who need money “for now”.

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